Assgmnt: Read Instructions Pages: 6

Assgmnt: Read Instructions Pages: 6

Assgmnt: Read Instructions
Pages: 6
Read the case “Accenture’s Code of Business Ethics” (Harvard Business School Case and the actual Code of Business Ethics document then answer the following two questions in an essay format.
1. What purpose do codes of ethics serve for organizations?
What content should be included? (25 points)
2. Drawing on the Principles of Ethical Leadership framework in Chapter 15, what is your assessment of Accenture’s code of business ethics? Please also compare Accenture’s with others (such as GE’s or Microsoft’s) to substantiate your analysis.
You can use other frameworks learned in this class to support your arguments. (75 points The written analysis should be typed and double-spaced on 8.5″ by 11″ paper.
No minimum or maximum length is specified, although the written analysis (not counting the appendices) should not typically exceed 10 pages in length.
I would encourage you to include diagrams, or other types of illustrations in your written analysis. In preparing the written analysis, write from an objective view, in the third person.
Do not use the words ″I″, ″We″, or ″You″. Use subheadings to correspond with specific issues posed for the individual case.
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